The relationship between nutrition and obesity status

Obesity is one of the global health challenges of today and is a risk factor for many chronic diseases. Studies from the IF Nutrition Sciences Research Center found that diet and lifestyle were strongly associated with obesity status.

1. The relationship between nutrition and obesity status

The intake of nutrients is closely related to the obesity status. Research from the IF Nutrition Science Research Center shows that:

Excessive caloric intake is the major cause of obesity.

Excessive saturated fatty acids and sugar intake is a cause of fat accumulation.

2. Relationship between lifestyle and obesity status.

Lifestyle is also one of the important factors contributing to obesity status. Research from the IF Nutrition Science Research Center shows that:

No exercise or insufficient exercise is one of the important causes of obesity.

Long sedentary life can lead to slow metabolism and fat accumulation.

A reasonable lifestyle and regular exercise can prevent and treat obesity.

How to achieve personalized nutrition´╝Ü

Step 1

Drawing on the nutrition questionnaire, but adding a comprehensive assessment of personal health and disease risks on the basis of testing, it is more accurate and comprehensive, but the cost is relatively high and the user population is relatively small.

Step 2

Establish an expert system and add the latest nutrition research results and a large amount of nutrition-related data, such as dietary guidelines, nutrient reference amounts (DRI), nutritional ingredient data, health product ingredient data, etc. Personalized nutrition advice is more accurate, more comprehensive, more objective and more scientific. Expert systems can be easily updated and improved.

Step 3

Based on the accumulation of large amounts of data, we use AI and machine learning methods to help us give accurate and efficient personalized nutritional advice, reduce the types and frequency of inspections, and make the price suitable for the public.

The basis of personalized nutrition advice is an understanding of the individual situation, but the key to success is the breadth, depth and novelty of knowledge about nutrition, food and the relationship between health and disease.