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The IF Research Center for Nutrition Sciences is an interdisciplinary research institution focusing on nutrition science and health promotion. The research center aims to study the link between nutrition and health, exploring how to improve human health through a healthy diet and lifestyle. The research results involve many fields, including intestinal flora, metabolic status, cardiovascular health, obesity status and so on.

Infinite Future integrates nutritionists, laboratory scientists, analytical chemists, molecular biologists and AI artificial intelligence big data analysis teams, and is committed to providing each customer with personalized health and nutritional supplement solutions.

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Leading Expert

Image placeholder Alexander Schauss, PhD, FACN, CFS, is the Senior Research Director of Natural and Medicinal Products Research, and CEO at AIBMR Life Sciences, in Puyallup, Washington, USA, with offices/staff in Arizona, Indiana, Colorado, and Washington. As one of its lead scientists, Dr. Schauss has worked on projects in 45 countries for AIBMR to support research activities and handle regulatory matters for nearly 600 companies or institutions. AIBMR Life Sciences has ongoing Cooperative Research Agreements with USDA’s Agricultural Research Services (ARS) research facility in more

Alexander Schauss

Image placeholder The world-renowned pioneer in the fields of biochemistry and nutritional science, is Professor in the Graduate School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Research Scientist at Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Professor Ames’s work has concerned the study and therapeutic manipulation of metabolic dysfunction for restoring and enhancing human health. His research has focused on identifying important mutagens that damage human DNA, the defenses that protect us from them, and the consequences of DNA damage for cancer and aging. more

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Innovate Phytoceuticals Inc (Cooperate)

INVP's wholly owned subsidiary, Innovate Phytoceuticals Inc. (IPI) is a 10,000 square foot Biosafety Level Class 2 (BSL-2) Laboratory meeting ISO 17025 and Good Laboratory Practices standards. Strategically located near the Kelowna BC.. airport (YLW) and UBC Okanagan, the state-of-the-art facility is equipped with a central HVAC system, central industrial gas line systems, autoclaves, waste management system, Millipore/Milli-Q water system, real time and accelerated stability areas, servers, security and 100% emergency backup power.

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PI has successfully recruited scientists from around the world with extensive experience in analytical chemistry & organic synthesis, immunology & pharmacology, genetics, tissue culture, microbiology and toxicology. With a highly qualified team operating state-of-the-art Thermo Fisher Scientific equipment, IPI can respond quickly and effectively to standard and non- standard analysis and research and development.

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IPI - Leading Expert



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Advanced Anti-Aging Ingredient Research and Development Center in Darla, Texas, USA


Australian Health Research and Development Center


Hong Kong Applied Formulation R&D Center


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